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May Provincial Exams

C Thompson
May Provincial Exams
by Claire Thompson - Tuesday, 14 April 2015, 11:42 AM

The next provincial exam session is Thursday and Friday May 14th and 15th.   If you are a school aged student taking one of the courses listed below through ConnectEd and you feel that you will be ready to write your exam at the May session, please contact your teacher as soon as possible.  Some courses have resources to help you prepare for the exam in the course itself, you can also check out practice exams here.  If you won't be ready for the May session, there will be another session in June.  All school aged students must write their provincial exams in order to graduate.

May Exam Schedule

AWMath 10, May 14th or 15th at 9am - 11am
FMPMath 10, May 14th or 15th at 9am - 11am
Science 10, May 14th or 15th at 9am - 11am
English 12, May 14th at 9am - 11am
Social Studies 11, May 14th at 1pm - 3pm
English 10, May 15th at 9am - 11am
Communications 12, May 15th at 9am - 11am

All exams are electronic.  Each exam is 2 hours long with an optional 3rd hour.  If you have any questions, please contact your teacher.